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MP Amway UK & Ireland

6.11 usd

The My Presentation Amway app allows you to take your business information with you: sales videos, product demos, testimonials – whenever you need it, wherever you need it. Online or Offline.And it couldn't be easier to use.Download and open the app, then register. You'll receive a verification email. Click that to verify yourself and you're up and running. That's it!  In the app you'll find 3 sections, 
A library of available content to downloadA favourites section where all the content you choose to download is storedA profile section where you can edit your personal details
The Library:Like all libraries you can browse through all the material available. If you know what you want, you can quickly filter to the media category you're interested in using simple toggle on – off tools.
Then simply download the content you want to save, which is automatically added to your Favourites Folder.
Favourites Section:Does what it is says! This is where all your content is stored, by category, so it's quick and easy to find.
Profile Section:All about you. This is where you can enter, store and edit your personal details.
Price:The price of the app is for a 12 month subscription renewable annually. First year renewal will be 50% of purchase price.